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How Masturbation is Slowly Ruining Your Relationship
A lot of people are addicted to jerking off and having handjob regularly. To the extent that
they can’t stay a day without masturbating. Nothing is more annoying than walking in on your
partner masturbating. For most people, it might not be a big deal until they finally experience
it. In most cases, walking in on your partner masturbating can indicate that you don’t give
them enough pleasure. Partners who have a healthy sex life don’t need to masturbate.
It’s true that you and your partner might have different sexual preferences. However, one
thing that is certain is that masturbating brings a lot of doubt to a relationship. Most people
who masturbate regularly experience ruined when they are without their partner because
they only find pleasure when masturbating alone. It’s without a doubt that a lot of same-sex
couples prefers jerking off and having handjobs with their partner to maximize their sexual

However, when it comes to how masturbating is ruining your relationship it includes:

1. You Value Masturbating More Than Your Partner
A lot of people value jerking off more than the sexual life they have with their partner. Acting
like this will make your partner feel rejected thereby ruining your sex life. At this stage, you
might not understand that you are ruining your relationship and hurting your sex partner at
the same time because your deriving pleasure in masturbation. Both you and your partner
will gradually lack the idea of connecting with each other intimately.

2. You Masturbate to the Point of Incurring Injury
It’s one thing to masturbate normally but it’s also another thing to derive pleasure through
self-injury. Masturbating to self-injury can hardly affect your relationship as well as damaging
your sex organs to the point of a ruined orgasm.

3. You are Maintaining a Double Sexual life
Most people are shameful about being addicted to masturbation, which leads to secrecy in
relationships. It can affect your sexual relationship with your partner because they have no
idea about what you want.

4. It Interferes With Your Lifestyle
Most people are addicted to masturbation to the point that it affects their lifestyle such as
work. Masturbating regularly can cause stress, which might lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. It
can also affect the lifestyle of an individual as it leads to them masturbating anywhere at any

5. You Forcefully Try to Stop Masturbating Without Professional Care
A lot of people have tried to forcefully stop masturbating without professional care but end up
getting right back into it, thereby leading to a further increase in masturbating. To stop
masturbating successfully, you need to seek the attention of a professional who will provide
you with adequate care.

Masturbating and having a handjob can be healthy and unhealthy depending on the
individual condition or current lifestyle. However, people who are already in a relationship are
at the risk of hurting their partner’s feelings. If possible, always discuss masturbation with
your partner and come to an agreement at the initial stage.