Yasemin's Long Overdue Punishment Session

  • 43:24 minutes
  • FullHD

Yasemin, the elegantly dressed woman is sitting on the bed. Her master comes and tells her to lie on the bed. Yasemin’s eyes are covered so she’s unable to see what’s going on. The man takes off her clothes and slaps her butt very strongly. She must take on another clothes. After a while, her master puts chains on her and he uses a spanker to punish her. He starts playing with her pussy but she doesn’t like it. He decides to put tweezers on her vagina while she is chained to the bondage device. He also pushes her sexy nipples with the tweezers. Later, he slaps her round butt again. He starts massaging her clitoris while she is being punished with the equipments. Yasemin is unable to move and she must endure the domination of her master for a very long time...

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