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Tina's Submissively Couple Play

  • 34:27 minutes
  • FullHD

In this video, Tina wants to try something special. She lets her partner bind him with chains and she is waiting for him to come to her. The man grabs a whip and starts using it on her round ass and she likes it very much! After that, he plays with a feather and squeezes her body with it from the bottom to the top. They also wants to try the spanker so he hits Tina with it on her butt. Then he puts clips on her pussy which is painful for her. He also asks her to suck his dick while he is spanking her with a spanker. The man also would like to taste her beautiful pussy so he kneels down and licks it. Tina lies down so he is also able to put his penis into her wet vagina.

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