Secretaries - Defrancesca Gallardo - I Dream Of Getting My Ass Fucked By My Boss

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Defrancesca Gallardo, a young seductive secretary is sitting at her desk. She is trying to work, but she is not able to concentrate on her tasks, because she is very tired.... She makes a nap and dreams about how her boss fucks her anal properly. The dream starts with her boss coming to her office and they start making out. He licks her wet pussy and she opens her thighs as wide as she can so that he can get his tongue everywhere he wants... This little office slut has actually distributed the piercings on the hottest parts of her body! She lets the boss fuck her very very pleasurably at the meeting table. Then she wants him to stick his finger in her tight asshole while she lies completely naked on the office table. He also grabs the small breasts of his secretary who gives him everything he wants! Now it's finally Defrancesca's horny asshole's turn. The boss then still sprayed his cum at the end on her horny pussy. Then she is woken up loveless and her boss is completely annoyed because his secretary make a nap at work instead of working. Enraged he fires her. Watch the video if you like horny secretary.

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