Redhead Aubrey Gets To The Fullest

  • 27:02 minutes
  • FullHD

Redhead slave girl with collar around her neck gets humiliated by a large bad guy in mask. He suspend her arms with chains and also tie her legs with them, then start to whip her legs, then put claps on her labia and start to pull it. She also gets 3 clips on both of her nipples and get a lot of whip on her ass and chest. He remove the clamps from her nipple, then start to whip her back and butt and also pulling her labia clamps. He release her and she has to lay in front of her master and masturbate with a huge dildo while clamps are on her. When she finished her hands get cuffed behind her back, she leans forward and gets suspended by her hands and get a lof of whips.

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