Penny Tease And Denial Her Insurence Broker

  • 11:13 minutes
  • FullHD

In the beginning, we can see Penny, a beautiful women who wears only a pretty purple bra with a red, short skirt. She is sitting on the desk when her insurence Broker comes in. The sexy, blonde needs a good offer for her car insurence and she think that is a good idea to gives a fantastic handjob to him. She does it for a very long time, so the man can enjoy the soft and fast hands of Penny. She is very talented at sex. But in the meanwhile she know that the broker can't make her that offer she needed so she denies her broker and tells him to go away. The man is not happy but he accepts the decision of her attractive client. I wonder what kind of punishment she will get in the future from her insurence broker…

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