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Nadja Submissed And Educated By Her Master

  • 37:03 minutes
  • FullHD

In this SM video, you can see a man and a woman in black. The man tells the woman to knee on the floor. He decides to punish her. First of all, he grabs her nipples and tweaks them. The man puts Nadja’s T-shirt off so you can see her nice and natural breasts. He also spanks her nipples and ass with a spanker. The man grabs Nadja’s hair and ask her to take her clothes off really slowly excepting her shoes. Nadja puts on a sexy, black leather corset which shows her beautiful shape. After a while, he spanks Nadja’s pussy and thighs. Meanwhile, she squezees her pussy. She must hold her thong in her mouth. The man brings a dildo and puts in into the vagina of Nadja. He also puts clothes pins on the vagina and on the nipples. The man also chains Nadja’s feet and blindfolds her.

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