Martina My Submissive Sex Slave

  • 40:51 minutes
  • FullHD

A man brings a bad-tempered woman into a room. Her hands are tied so she is unable to escape. He grabs her big breasts and massages them, but she doesn’t like it. Later, he brings a black, burning candle and lets the wax flow on her tits. He binds the body of Martina and massages it. He also wants to see her pussy so he takes off her skirt. She must sit on the bed because he would like to finger her pussy. He wants her to put a big dildo into her mouth, but she is to be reluctant to do. In the end, she fulfills the wish of this man. He also fucks her with this great dildo. The slave must suck the dick of her master, too. He puts his penis into her beautiful vagina and ejaculates into it.

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