Lena To Be Chained And Nagging By Nipple Clamps

  • 10:10 minutes
  • FullHD

Lena, a blonde girl is tied to the wall with chains. She is having a very hard time, but she’s unable to escape. An other pretty girl comes to her and puts some tweezers on her nipples. It is very painful, but she must endure it! The brunette girl also gets a chance to play with Lena’s breasts. The other slave puts a glass dildo into her pussy, too. However, Lena doesn’t like this sex game at all... She is just crying and whining and she wants to go home. After a while, she gives up and she doesn’t fight anymore. She just stands still while the brunette girl is staring at her perfect, young body. However, the tweezers stay on her sensitive nipples. The other girl doesn’t remove the glass dildo from her tiny pussy.

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