Lara's Private Tutor Need A Break He Want To Assfuck The Cute

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An innocent-looking student get tutoring by her private tutor. They are having a good time together, but after a while the man gets bored and need a break to do something more exciting... He touches the thighs of the brunette who looks very surprised. She is shy and she doesn’t want to understand what’s happening. However, she lets the man give her an erotic massage while she is reading. Suddenly he grabs her big boobs and takes them out of her bra. The girl is getting aroused and she shows more and more of her panties. We can finally see her juicy pussy and her tiny asshole. The man immediately puts his fingers into these holes and the girl enjoys it! The man do that wherfore he get pay. He teach his student. Laras ass is very thight so he need a little time to drill his dick into the warm and tiny butthole. After some pushes Lara can relax and so the assfucking fun can beginn. In the end they have an epic sex together and he shoots his cum on her pretty face. What for a private lesson.

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