Kim Consider If She Smoke Or Wants To Be Fucked

  • 40:56 minutes
  • FullHD

Kim, the blonde woman is smoking a cigarette in her bed. A man comes to her and grabs her huge, round breasts. He starts massaging them, but Kim is still busy with smoking… However, the man takes off her panties and puts some lubricant on her pussy. Unfortunately, she is not too satisfied with his performance. Later the man asks her to suck his dick, and she fulfills his wishes, but she hates giving him a blowjob. After this, the man fucks her pussy and she is finally happy! They try many positions together and they are getting faster and faster. The man also puts the cigarette into her pussy, but then he gives it back to her. Kim licks the testicles of the man and he comes into her wet, pretty mouth.

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