Chickie Katherines Deep Anal Fun

  • 25:49 minutes
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Katherine, a nice Russian girl with dark hair, is sitting on the couch talking to a guy. They joke around a bit and he asks her if he can touch her tits and then things escalate. They start making out, then he takes off her panties and fingers and licks her pussy at the same time. Then he takes off his pants and she grabs his cock and takes it in her mouth. She sucks like a young goddess, alternating between deep, teasing sucking. After that she lies down on the couch and he pushes his massive cock against her sweet pussy. She turns around and he starts to prepare her ass so he can fuck her hot ass. He fucks her many times and plunges so deep into her that his cock disappears completely inside her and he ends up squirting his cum on her sexy little ass.

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