Cali Hayes - Today I Seduce My Stepfather

  • 28:49 minutes
  • FullHD

This is a family sex video with the stepdaughter and her stepfather! Cali Hayes comes home but she can't find her stepfather anywhere so she goes out to the pool, strips down and relaxes. Meanwhile, her stepfather comes home and sees her sunbathing completely naked outside by the pool. He immediately goes to her and wants her to get dressed! But the daughter just flirts with him, makes him totally nervous with her hot body and then she gives him a hot blowjob.... Finally she has what she wants, goes into the house with her stepfather and gets really fucked. On the couch in the living room he fucks Cali Hayes in different positions and slaps the little slut butt because she is so dirty... An absolutely horny video for everyone who likes family sex fantasies!

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