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Bianca The Submissive Housewife

  • 36:07 minutes
  • FullHD

Do you find it sexy if a housewife cleans the floor in lingerie? If yes, then this video seems good for you. The short-haired, blonde, inked Bianca takes off her bra so you will be able to see her pierced nipples. Her man asks her to do the cleaning, but he’s not satisfied with it so he spanks her with a spanker. The man also lits a candle and drizzle Bianca's chest with the hot wax. It flows all over her breasts. Then, he tells her to wash it off immediately. Bianca must suck his pierced dick. After that, we can also see her pierced, seductive pussy. He fucks her really hard from front and behind. You can hear big pleasure sighs from Bianca. In the end, the man ejaculates on her neck.

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