Avery - Lustful Couple And The Desire For Anal Sex

  • 26:48 minutes
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A man lies on the bed, while an elegant looking woman plays with her own body in front of the mirror. Avery slowly undresses and begins to explore her wild pussy... Fortunately her husband wakes up and helps her. First he licks her big, round breasts and then he tries her nice little pussy. She can finally grab his cock and is very happy, because she longs for a long time to be fucked... They try the position 69 together and just can't get enough of it. Avery finally wants to sit on the big cock, so she rides her husband. The couple gets so horny that they both want to fuck Avery's little asshole, and she couldn't be happier about it! In the end he can squirt his sperm into Avery's mouth.

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