Aspen Ora Rich Man Booked Escort Girl To Have Fun

  • 25:23 minutes
  • FullHD

A young, good-looking, small-breasted escort girl arrives to a luxury home. A man is already waiting for her. She takes off his clothes and starts giving him a deep blowjob. After a while, she also gets undressed and it turns out that she has piercings in her nipples! The man licks her tiny, pretty pussy. He squeezes her clitoris and she enjoys the sexplay. The girl also gets fucked by the man and she is playing with her clitoris. The man is getting faster and faster, and the cute escort likes it very much. In the end, he comes on her sexy, flat belly. She also tastes the cum of the man after they had sex. She massages her tiny breasts, too...

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