Alexandra, Sex Games To Breakfast

  • 31:11 minutes
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Alexandra is a pretty housewife who is cleaning up after the breakfast. Her partner comes and starts taking off her clothes because he wants to see her naked. It comes to light the she wears no pants under her skirt! This means that the man will be able to take a look at her ass and pussy. (She has a piercing here!) He also wants to see her saggy tits. After that, he starts licking her nipples with the piercings. The man would like to lick her clitoris, too. The milf is getting more and more excited thanks to the petting. She is giving a blowjob to her partner. The housewife just can’t get enough of his big dick. Then the man decides to bind the housewife and to tease her with a black candle’s hot wax. In the end, he fucks her in the kitchen very thoroughly.

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