Yasemin Submissive Slave Games In The Bathroom

  • 6:30 Minuten
  • FullHD

Yasemin, the sexy slave is tied to the wall in the bathroom. She is completely naked and she can’t see anything because of an eye mask. A man in suit comes to her and uses a spanker to punish her. Then he grabs the head of the shower and tries to please her with the streaming water. He also touches the slave’s round breasts and pussy. He wants to cause pain so he pulls the nipples of Yasemin. The dominant man would like to punish the little woman so he also hits her butt. She moans because of the pain she feels. Yasemin is really afraid since she can’t see what the man is doing. His behaviour is totally unpredictable. In the end, she just unties the woman and tells her to come with him.

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