To Bent Yvette To One's Will For My Sexual Pleasure

  • 49:10 Minuten
  • FullHD

Yvette, the young woman is wearing an erotic corset-dress while she is getting chained by a man who would like to explore her body... He massages her round breasts and then he puts some tweezers on her nipples. She gets undressed and the man spanks her pussy and her thighs. (It turns out that there is a piercing in her pussy!) He also puts some tweezers on her labias. She gets fucked with a glass dildo very deeply, but she remains completely silent. After that the man whips her pretty ass which is painful for her. He switches her positions many times in the movie and he makes her suck his dick. However, she just can’t keep him in her mouth so the man punishes Yvette with fucking her pussy...

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