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Jennifer Get Disciplined By Her Master

  • 28:40 Minuten
  • FullHD

A young, red-haed comes to a casting. The man there tells her to bring him a coffee. However, she must be on her knees while she is making it. After a while, the smoking man tells her to take off her clothes, so the handcuffed girl shows him her pretty breasts. Later, she must do the dishes. The master would like to see her pussy so she must take off her panties, too. The red-haired girl must take away her clothes in her mouth just like a dog. The man also asks her to lick his ashtray. He gives her a dildo, and she must put it into her mouth. However, she must also please herself with the sextoy while the man is watching her. The master pours some hot wax on her skinny body, too.

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