Fresh In Love Couple Want To Have Better Sex Together And Ask For Advice A Sex Teacher

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A fresh in love middle-aged couple visit a sex teacher in her flat. First they talk a little bit about their problem and then they start to work at the problem and the man gets naked and lets her girlfriend to suck his dick… Meanwhile the sex teacher gets horny from that what she see and start to squeezes the thighs of the man. She puts a finger into her pussy to play with her own while she watch the couple! The couple woman finally has a dick inside of her and she’s enjoying it! Then they tries the doggystyle while the other lady is squeezing her breasts. The couple gets louder and the lady starts spanking the ass of the woman. The lady opens her pussy as wide as she can to feel the penis of the man deep inside. In the end, he comes on the tiny breasts and both of the women are very satisfied!

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