Bianca's Full Service Domination Treatment

  • 45:24 Minuten
  • FullHD

Bianca, the tall, short-haired, sexy slave is waiting for a man to punish her! The master doesn’t wanna waste time, so he starts spanking her round butt with a spanker. He also brings a whip and tries it on the body of Bianca. She feels more and more pain, but she is able to keep up with the torture. The man takes off the clothes of Bianca and it turns out that there are piercings in her nipples! The master puts some tweezers on her pussy and starts massaging her clitoris! Bianca likes it very much so the man puts his fingers into her vagina…. She is wearing the tweezers all the time. In the end, she has to give a blowjob to the man with her warm and wet lips.

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